Full Body PET CT Scan @ Tirunelveli GH & Madurai

A powerful combination of the PET Scanner and the CT Scanner in a single gantry.

What is a PET-CT Scan?

PET-CT stands for Positron Emission Tomography- Computed Tomography scan. The scan machine is a medical engineering marvel that houses both the PET scanner and the CT scanner. It also houses an efficacious radiation detector to image the body's cellular function. This non-invasive imaging technique is incredibly useful since it scans the body at the molecular level. The scan results have astounding clarity and reveal crucial information about the function of the tissues and cells in the body. At Krishna Scans, conveniently located in Madurai and Tirunelveli, we offer PET-CT diagnostic services to detect and enable accurate diagnoses. Our primary objective is to ensure a safe scanning procedure and deliver quick and accurate reports to expedite your treatment course.

As a leading provider of PET-CT imaging services, we at Krishna Scans boast a high-tech facility and the finest team of oncologists, cancer surgeons, and radiologists.

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Why PET-CT Scan?

Patient Instructions

A PET-CT scan plays an instrumental role in diagnosing conditions like cancer, Myocardial Viability or heart muscle viability, and infections like Pyrexia. Here's why doctors recommend a PET-CT scan.

  • Highlights all the organ systems simultaneously in a single exam. For example, doctors can evaluate the spread of cancer in one scan.
  • Obtains highly accurate images to facilitate quick diagnosis and expedite the treatment process.
  • Aids in detecting diseases and measuring the efficacy of various treatments.
  • Detects recurring cancerous tumours and helps understand the efficiency of chemotherapy.
  • May help show the impact of epilepsy on the brain to help physicians decide on the right therapy.
  • Detects damages and scars in the heart and identifies circulatory problems in the working heart.
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It is normal to feel uncertain about the PET-CT scan experience if your doctor has ordered it for you. Do not worry, for there is no cause for concern. Here's how you can stay prepared on your appointed day.

  • Avoid beverages, dextrose infusions, lemon water, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and tender coconut water.
  • Overnight fasting or 6-8 hours of fasting. However, you may drink water.
  • Test your fasting blood glucose and serum creatinine levels a day before the scan.
  • Strictly avoid all sweets and sugar-filled dishes. Even a small toffee can spoil the results.
  • Remove all your jewellery, watches, coins, keys, and any other metal objects you possess.
  • Avoid taking any diabetic medication on the day of the test. You may take only those medicines that need to be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Bring all your other medication with you so that you can take it once the scan is over.
  • Women of childbearing age are recommended to take a pregnancy test on the day of the scan. This precaution is to ensure that the procedure does not harm the foetus.
  • Bring all your previous medical records. The list includes your previous reports for CTs, x-rays, PET scans, ultrasound, biopsies, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, blood reports, FNAC reports, and treatment reports. You may also bring the CDs of your CT, PET-CT and MRI, if available.
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PET-CT Diagnostic Imaging Services at Madurai and Tirunelveli

Krishna Scans’ PET-CT Scan Centre operates in Madurai and Tirunelveli GH, delivering a comprehensive range of diagnostic services. Our ultramodern centre offers an extensive array of diagnostic options, including:

  • Whole Body PET CT Scan with options for Brain, FDG, and Cardiac PET CT
  • Nuclear Scans: Renal, Myocardial, Bone, Parathyroid, Thyroid, Hepatobiliary, Brain Scans, and Lung Ventilation.
  • Nuclear Therapy: Radio Iodine Therapy

Our PET-CT scan centre boasts a range of sophisticated imaging options, supporting comprehensive health evaluations and aiding in treatment planning.


1. What is the complete process duration for a PET-CT scan?

While the process alone may take up to two hours, the patient will remain at the hospital for four hours from the appointment for the PET-CT scan. They may return home once the scan is done.

2. How safe is a PET-CT scan?

A PET-CT scan is very safe as the quantity of radioactive glucose used is very low. It degrades quickly, and the remains are eliminated through the urine. Therefore, it is perfectly harmless. There is no detectable radioactivity present, and the person can mix with adults after several hours. However, they must avoid pregnant women and infants for six more hours.

3. What are the types of PET-CT scan available at your centre?

PET-CT scan services offered by Krishna Scans at Madurai and Tirunelveli GH include:

  • 68Ga PSMA PET-CT

4. What are the instructions for diabetic patients before a PET-CT scan?

Diabetic patients must follow these instructions before a PET-CT scan:

  • Avoid taking any diabetic medication such as tablets and insulin injections on the day of the procedure.
  • Your fasting blood glucose level should be lower than 150 mg/dl at the scheduled time on the appointment day.
  • Consult with your doctor on how to safely manage your blood glucose level before the scan.

5. What are the risks associated with PET-CT scans?

The PET-CT scan is a safe diagnostic process that uses very small doses of radioactive substances. Although it is a risk, the radiation exposure is much below the recommended national level. However, the PET-CT scan is unsuitable for pregnant mothers, as this dosage of radioactivity is harmful to the foetus.

Nursing mothers can have the scan, but they must avoid breastfeeding for a few hours after the procedure. Moreover, the contrast material used for PET scans with contrast-enhanced CT contains iodine, which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

6. What happens during a PET-CT scan?

  • A small quantity of Fluorodeoxy Glucose (FDG) is intravenously injected into the body.
  • A period of up to 45 -90 minutes is given for your body cells to absorb the FDG, and then the scan is done.
  • It may take twenty minutes or more for the scan, during which the patient has to lie completely still.
  • Some patients may require delayed scans after the initial scanning procedure to ensure images of good clarity.
  • Delayed scans maybe after food intake. This delayed time may vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
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