Master Health Check-Up

Get a complete body check-up to detect early signs and symptoms. Timely cure can help ensure your wellbeing!

Preventive Care To Protect Your Health

There is nothing more precious in this world than good health. It is a priceless treasure that deserves the utmost care and protection. One of the biggest steps that you can take to prevent diseases is undergoing a Master Health Check-Up. A Master Health Check-Up comprises multiple clinical tests that assess your overall health. This process involves a complete physical examination, ultrasound and laboratory tests to evaluate the health of your vital organs.

Our health check-up packages are just what you need to put your health back on track. At Krishna Scans, we evaluate your metabolism and identify any early symptoms of diseases, which is crucial to make better decisions about your health. If you have irregular and unhealthy eating habits, susceptibility to diseases, a high-pressure lifestyle, and long working hours, our Master Health check-up is ideal for you.

Krishna Scans offers a comprehensive range of health packages to reinforce your defensive system and protect your health for a lifetime. Talk to us for further details.
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Benefits Of Master Health Check-Ups

Preparation Instructions

A Master Health Check-Up is essential because of the increasing susceptibility to diseases due to lifestyle changes. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial in the long run.
  • Aids in detecting early signs of debilitating diseases that can be treated appropriately.
  • Provides a great deal of reassurance and increased awareness of potential threats.
  • Provides a comprehensive evaluation of major body vitals and parameters.
  • Contributes to a longer, healthier and happier life.
  • Allows your doctor to update your health records with your current health parameters and advise you accordingly, helping you manage your health better.
  • Creates awareness of your overall health status and fitness levels.
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Here's a list of the important instructions to follow when you are coming to Krishna Scan for your Master Health Check-Up:
  • Take your insulin injection and diabetic medications after giving your blood sample to test your fasting blood sugar, as per your doctor's advice.
  • Bring all your previous medical records for 1-3 years and your medication with you. But do not take your dosage before consulting our doctors.
  • Women should not undergo health check-ups during menstrual cycles and they should let us know if they are pregnant.
  • Avoid wearing any jewellery and come in loose, comfortable clothes and footwear that are easily removable.
  • Men should shave their chests to facilitate the easy attachment of the sensors for the Treadmill test.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco products for two weeks before the check-up.
  • Fast for at least ten hours before the check-up. You may, however, drink water when necessary.
  • Be at the hospital between 7-7.30 AM to complete your registration and other initial formalities.
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1. Is your lab accredited?
Yes. Our laboratory at Krishna Hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration of Laboratories (NABL), India, for its state-of-the-art facilities. All our tests are also accredited by NABL.
2. How does the Personal Health Check differ from the Master Health Checkup?
A Personal Health Check (PHC) is a customised health plan, as opposed to the Master Health Checkup, which is a fixed package. Our PHC is based on your requirements determined by your referral doctor. The PHC encompasses all the base profiles of tests, and your customisation is based on the other tests and consultations.
3. Do I require a health check-up even if I am healthy?
A health check-up is not restricted only to the times you are feeling unwell. Rather, it is the most sensible way of ensuring your good health. A health check-up helps you detect various diseases and disorders like diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. These high-risk conditions may not show any signs or symptoms until they worsen. Health check-ups aid in the early detection and timely treatment of many such diseases.
4. What happens during my health check-up?

At Krishna Hospital, we have a dedicated team to assist you throughout the process for your convenience. Depending on the package you choose, you will first be subjected to definitive investigation.

Our physicians and specialists will assess your results and give you the most appropriate medical guidance to improve your health. Our specialists will review most of the reports on the same day. However, we will notify you if there are some additional tests to be done.

5.  What are the benefits of a health check-up, and when should I get one?

Prevention is always better than cure, and a health check-up is a sensible measure that proves the adage. Being aware of your health status is always safer than rushing to a hospital during an emergency. It helps you avoid the many financial, emotional, and physical hardships you face during a health crisis. A health check-up is a must if you are 35 or above to identify ailments at an early stage.

6. What services does your health package include?

Krishna Scans offers three types of customised healthcare packages designed to suit your requirements. We take utmost care to carry out our services in an environment that's conducive for you. Moreover, our ultra-modern diagnostic facilities facilitate quick and accurate reports for your convenience. 

1. Master Health Check-Up
  • Complete blood count
  • Kidney function test
  • Liver profile
  • Diabetic profile
  • Infection screening
  • Cardiac profile

2. Cardiac Health Check-Up

  • All the tests under the Master Health Check-Up
  • Echo Cardiography.

3. Executive Health Check-Up

  • All the tests under the Master Health Check-Up
  • Ultrasound scan
  • Digital X-ray
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Health Checkup

Master Health Checkup

(22 Test)
Complete blood count
Kidney function test
Liver profile
Diabetic profile
Infection screening
Cardiac profile
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Executive Health Check-Up

(8 Test)
All the tests under the Master Health Check-Up
Ultrasound scan
Digital X-ray

Cardiac Health Check-Up

(10 Test)
All the tests under the Master Health Check-Up
Ultrasound scan
Digital X-ray
Echo Cardiography.
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