High-Resolution Mammography

A diagnostic technique for breast cancer screening and to assess breast health and function.

What is a Mammogram?

Mammograph is a breast imaging technique that uses x-rays with low doses of radiation to obtain images of the breast's internal structure. The technique involves compressing the breasts between two thin plates and taking the required images. Mammograms play a pivotal role in the early detection of breast cancer by detecting characteristic masses or microcalcifications in the breast. This diagnostic procedure is classified into two categories:

  • Screening mammography is used to screen the breasts to detect any changes for women who show no symptoms and abnormalities.
  • Diagnostic mammography further investigates suspicious changes and abnormalities found in the initial breast screening.

At Krishna Scans, we offer advanced and affordable mammograms done by well-trained specialists. We take maximum effort to ensure your comfort and convenience throughout the procedure.

Prevention and early detection are the best ways to safeguard yourself from breast cancer. We recommend regular mammograms for women over 35 years of age.
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Why Mammogram?

Patient Instructions

A Mammogram is generally recommended when you have a history of breast cancer in your family or with precancerous lesions on your breast. It will also be recommended for the following circumstances:

  • Nipple discharge, nipple thickening, and unusual appearance of the skin on the breast.
  • Detection of lesions with dense breasts in an ultrasound scan.
  • Pain, presence of lumps, and other abnormalities in the breast.
  • Women with a family history of breast cancer are advised to have a mammography before the age of 40.
  • As a precautionary measure for women aged between 45 to 54 years of age.
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Before getting ready for the mammography test, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some preparations to make before undergoing a mammogram.

  • Avoid applying talcum powders, body lotions, perfumes, deodorants, creams, especially on the breast and armpits.
  • Have a normal meal before the examination.
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking any medication.
  • Inform your doctor beforehand if you are pregnant.
  • Bring your previous medical reports and doctor's notes.
  • Avoid the mammogram a week before or during your periods because your breasts will be tender and swollen.
  • Remove all jewelry before the procedure.
  • Wear the gown provided by our center before the procedure commences.
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1. How safe is mammography?

There are no risks associated with mammography since the procedure requires very low-energy radiation. The procedure is absolutely safe, even if it is repeated multiple times in the entire lifetime.

2. Will breast cancer spread to other parts of the body if I have mammography?

Breast compression during a mammogram will not cause breast cancer to spread to other parts of the body. The Mammography procedure is the gold standard for the early detection of breast cancer.

3. Is mammography suitable for all women?

Mammography is not suitable for pregnant women since even a low dose of radiation can harm the foetus. However, if mammography is necessary for pregnant women, we will cover the abdomen with a lead shield.

4. Are mammograms painful?

Some women may experience pain and discomfort when the compression is applied to the breast. However, only a few women find the procedure intolerable.

5. Are there any precautions to follow before a mammogram?

Yes. On your appointment day, do not use any lotion, cream, moisturiser, deodorant or powders after bathing.

6. Should I continue to follow self-examination of the breast even after a mammogram?

Yes. It is essential to follow a self-breast examination after a mammogram. You must consult your doctor for the examination once every three years after the age of 20 and once a year after 40.
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